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Use Your iPad Screen as a Switch | Your School OT
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There are plenty of options for connecting an external switch to your iPad. Did you know you can use the iPad screen itself as a switch? Think of the possibilities! One obvious use for this is programming any screen touch to do something more difficult like swipe through pages on an ebook. Check out the video below on how to do this!

Make eBooks More Accessible on The iPad!

Check out this quick video to see how easy it is!

What exactly is an iPad Recipe?

Part of that how-to talks about using an “ipad recipe”. If you’re unfamiliar with recipes, check out this post here! Basically, a recipe is where you turn a hit of a switch into a gesture on the iPad screen. The “turning page” gesture I used in the video above is one of the gestures iOS has pre-programmed. Using “custom” gestures can give your clients access to tons of apps that aren’t readily adapted to switch use. This  can open up a world of possibilities for using the iPad with a switch.

Start With The End In Mind 

There are so many ways to be creative with switches in iOS. So start with the end in mind! What does your client need to do? What is the purpose of the iPad in their daily tasks? Having this clearly defined will make it easier to determine what apps and switch set-up you need to use. If you’re new to switch access for iPad, check out this beginner’s guide!

Leave a comment or question? Have you used switches in iOS? What kinds of apps do you wish were more switch accessible? 

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