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A boy on an iPad with the title Parental Control for iPad and iPhoneParental Control Using Guided Access in iOS 

If you’ve been on Facebook recently you’ve seen plenty of funny videos and posts about the trials of parenting in the age of social distancing. The struggle is real! Limits on screen time are flying out the window right now and that is totally OK! However, we want to keep our kids safe on the tablet when we can’t keep an eye on them. That’s where Guided Access for iOS comes in! This is definitely a feature parents should be familiar with during social distancing.

What is Guided Access and Why Should I Use It?

Guided Access is one of those things parents wish they knew about sooner. It allows you to set parental controls on what can/can’t be done on the iPad without a password. This means you can set your child up with a certain app, video, etc. and be walk away without worrying they will get on the internet or start making purchases in the app store. You can set a time limit on screen time, prevent them from leaving a certain app, or block out certain buttons or areas of the screen. 

To get there: Settings > Accessibility > Guided Access

Watch this short video to get the idea!

An Ideal Tool for Internet Safety on iPad and iPhone

Well there you have it! You can set up Guided Access in seconds and start protecting your kids online today. A great tool for parents while we practice social distancing and learn from home!


Leave a comment if you’ve used Guided Access or have any questions about how you can use it to meet your needs! 

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